S.E.C. issues no action letter. It is ok to issue stablecoin without registering as a security.

2 min readDec 3, 2020


This could truely be a fortuitous time to issue a stablecoin to power digital marketplace commercial transactions. The S.E.C. has stated that if you follow these rules when issuing a stablecoin, there is no need to register it as a security.

How perfect would an anonymous stablecoin be for a crypto payment application? It would be digital cash, spend it anywhere you want and do it anonymously, just like folding money.

Everyone appreciates and desires privacy in their financial life. Big brother does not need to know you order twinkies online by the case. No doubt the more financial assets you own the more you treasure your privacy.

In this emerging digital online financial transaction era privacy is hard to come by and valued by high net worth individuals and companies. A platform that could provide a place for secure, private, anonymous and stable value commercial transactions, that were not adversely effected by crypto market price fluctuations, would surely attract a large, and devoted user base.

Particl.io is a platform that almost rises to the challenge of a secure, private, anonymous and stable digital coin. Particl.io seems to have been born from a dark web tradition of anonymous, possible shady commercial transactions. However this dark web trader mentality misses the point. Everyone values their privacy.

All of us are slowly but inevitably losing something precious, our privacy and anonymity. Online we are constantly and little by little being robbed of our personal data.

There is a significant value to privacy and anonymity. Certainly no need to give away tools that protect our privacy at dirt cheap prices. What is the value of privacy? You never really know till you lose it, but why take the risk?

A secure, private, and anonymous stablecoin is the best protection to safeguard your asset value and make your commercial transactions untracable like good old cash.

Ascent Organization LLC humbly proposes that Particl.io uses the PART Coin for utility purposes like staking, lending and voting on their platform. Then issue a PARTUSD Stable Coin for secure, private, anonymous commercial transactions on the Particl.io Market Place.




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