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Token VIOLET, Symbol — VAI
Pre-Sale Price N/A
Price in ICO 1 VIOLET = 0.20 USD
Country Singapore
Platform Ethereum

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted Areas None
Pre-Sale It was closed on 26th Jan 2018
Public-Sale 17th June — 30 days or earlier if the hard cap is achieved
Tokens for Sale: 92.5 Million
Soft Cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 12,500,000 USD
Total Token Supply 250 Million Tokens
Token Supply Breakdown 37% Token Sale
28% Rewards & Bounty Pool
25% Company Reserve
10% Team & Advisory Pool
Bonus Bonus % will be announced soon before their public sale starts

• Viola.AI harnesses on the latest technology in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and trustless smart contracts to develop a powerful lifelong relationship advisor named Viola and an AI-driven marketplace to create and sustain successful and happy relationships for all singles and couples.

• Singles and couples face numerous challenges in their journey of finding love and sustaining their relationships. Singles risk being victims of love scams due to the lack of identity verification, experience online dating fatigue and could be exploited by some unethical dating services.
• Viola.AI aims to be the global decentralized relationship/ marital registry with smartest A.I. for dating and relationships when it is fully launched.

• They are going to launch MVP in the end of May, it’s an opensource code which is available on github.

• Currently they have Matchmaking Institute(US) as their partner and they are also looking for some other partners in different countries. The list will be announced soon to public.

• Viola.AI is equipped with several core capabilities:
a) Blockchain Technology — Protects users through decentralized Real-ID Verification with visual recognition technology, verify relationship status with Relationship/ Marriage Smart Contracts, facilitates trustless and efficient transactions with Viola.AI Wallet and Hedged Escrow System
b) A.I. Engine — Provides highly personalized matching and discreet relationship advices which evolve according to the user’s relationship status by employing A.I. with personalized machine learning engine and natural language empathy.

• The VIOLET token is instrumental in building up interactivity and growth traction within the Viola.AI community. Users will be encouraged to provide great content to benefit other users. The Viola.AI engine can learn from these contents and the growing data will help Viola.AI become better and more accurate in its answers.

• Viola.AI is driven by the team behind the Lunch Actually Group, a group of proven, passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs who are convicted to create better lifetime relationships. Together, the team has combined more than 50 years of experience in the dating and matchmaking industry. CEO Violet Lim is also an acknowledged industry expert who has been featured in more than 4000 local and regional media appearances including Bloomberg, Huffington Post, CNBC, Forbes, BBC, Channel NewsAsia and many others.

• Viola.AI introduces A.I. chat and recommendation to bring direct and relevant value to users after they have registered on the global REL-Registry with the ever-improving, decentralized and secured A.I. engine that gives sound advice, useful recommendations, timely concierge service and quality matches to help singles to be effective in finding love and to help married and unmarried couples improve their relationships.

• Viola.AI provides an opportunity for Dating (for Singles) and Relationships (for Couples) industries to come together for greater effectiveness by combining both sets of data and increasing customers’ life-time value (CLTV) simultaneously.

• Viola.AI provides an opportunity for Dating (for Singles) and Relationships (for Couples) industries to come together for greater effectiveness by combining both sets of data and increasing customers’ life-time value (CLTV) simultaneously. The information accumulated in the dating and courtship journey of a person’s life would be useful for the later stages of couple hood and marriage. Throughout a person’s dating and relationship journey, Viola.AI will recommend highly targeted and relevant content, goods and service from the better rated experts/merchants to users according to their personalized needs, relationship timelines (birthdays, anniversaries, special dates), relationship stage (e.g. no wedding rings ads for singles who have not found the right one yet) and other customizable factors.

• REL-Registry — Decentralized Identity Verification Protection for Everyone: One of the key usages of Blockchain technology is in our REL-Registry system. This helps to create trust and transparency for legitimate singles who are serious in finding love and partners in a relationship.

o It ensures the profile that a user sees represents a real person and not a bot made to bait the user into signing a subscription plan.
o Better clarity for all parties and lesser disappointments on physical appearance in first face-to-face dates due to greater authenticity of photos used (i.e. what you see on photo more closely resembles what you see in person).
o Relationship declaration creates a transparent registry for relationships and marital status which creates more trust, clarity and transparency for all parties involved.
o Minimize dispute between married and unmarried couples on expectations of one another, agreements on how matters should be handled and the dates of special occasions by creating personalized Marriage or Relationship Smart Contracts on the Blockchain.

• REL-Registry — Open, Global and Immutable Love Declaration on the Blockchain

There are many advantages by recording relationship and marital status on the REL-Registry:
o A person’s marital status should be a public and available fact. Putting the status on the Blockchain accessible to all can provide ease of mind that their mate relationships status is clear and transparent for all
o There is no need for documents or certificate to prove you are married to any Organization or application process
o Couples who are unable to marry in their country or state could now possibly marry on the Blockchain and use the Smart Contracts as the structure and rules for their union
o Many governments would love a decentralized Registry of Marriage and some may even encourage or cooperate with REL-Registry due to its the transparency and immutable nature

• REL-Registry — Open, Global and Immutable Love Agreement on the Blockchain

The advantages are:
o Stating down the expectations for the relationship from the early start in a public record
o Buying any relevant Smart Contract that to enforce rules and outcomes in their relationships, especially in circumstances of break up or loss of one party.
o Transparency of expectations and rules governing different outcomes in the relationship.

• Viola.AI Wallet Viola.AI Wallet is key to facilitate all transactions in Viola.AI between users and experts/ merchants.

• The Viola.AI Wallet provides great convenience and security for users by allowing users to:
o Purchase and store VIOLET tokens
o Make or receive payments for goods and services
o Pay for REL-Registry premium Smart Contracts services
o Conduct peer-to-peer token transfers when users reward one another for quality content or advices
o Receive rewards for revenue share, gamification, referral and system bug report

• Viola.AI provide value to users in 3 core ways:
o Reduces workload for users by providing personalized matching, relationship advices, dates coordination, purchase of goods and services, date and romance ideas and content
o Provide timely, scheduled and on-request advices and actions based on relationship status and needs.
o Provide discreet and non-judgmental connection for users

• Rewards
o New Verified User — VIOLET tokens will be rewarded to new verified users to encourage active participation in the community and making their first purchases on the platform.
o Gamification- Gamification module of Viola.AI allows users to earn VIOLET tokens when they complete certain tasks and milestones which provide more data to improve Viola.AI’s machine learning capability that helps users to better their dating and relationship journey.
o Bug Bounty- As Viola.AI seeks continual improvement on our platforms, reports on bug issues will be rewarded with VIOLET tokens depending on the severity of the bug.
o Referral-When a referrer recommends another user to purchase any goods and services, we would reward the referrer with 10% of the 1% to 10% of the revenue share in VIOLET tokens for every purchase made

• 24.5K telegram users, 3.7K followers on Facebook and 1.2K Twitter Followers.
• They are not very active on you tube, have got only 95 views and around 150 subscribers.
• 4.1 ratings as per ICO bench, 2.4 — and 8.1 —

• Their long-term goal is to create a Relationship registry on the blockchain which at present no other company is doing it.
• They have got backing of 14+ years of experience in the dating industry.
• By 2020, They are targeting 25+ million users and Global Presence.

• Dr. Rex Yeap — IP Blockchain inventor | Serial ICT inventor | Angel Investor | Quant | Educator | Meditator
• Note that AI (with and without ES) has been applied to the matching of individuals for dating and relationship purposes. A literature review in both the journal publication space as well as google will revealed the other players that came before
• It is unclear how you would handle deep fakes at this moment.
• I gathered that the Neural Network model drawn in Pg 20 is a generic NN model. Would have been better if the model is more real.
• Page 25 on comparison is quite badly done — perhaps due to time constraint in getting the white paper out?
• Would have been good if a prototype for the product is available but I understand why you are taking this route.
• Tokentops:
• The project seems to very interesting and if the team delivers everything they promise in a way it’s advertised, then it may become very successful and revolutionary.
• Viola.AI consists of AI advisor, that would be able to find you a potential relationship partner, set up the date as you wish, and then help you in the future to maintain that relationship.
• This AI can remind you about anniversaries and book restaurants for dates.
• There will be a marketplace within the platform, where merchants could sell relationship and dating related goods and services, like for example flowers of various gifts.
• With AI technology becoming more and more popular, this idea can become a working reality pretty quickly. Looking at the promotional material, demo apps and graphics, it is very promising project.



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