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ICO DEAL DECK is a decentralized blockchain venture capital project that is making an application for a Republic of Estonia registered and licensed cryptocurrency company with EU banking privileges. See Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) https://www.fi.ee/index.php?id=21662

With an Estonia Limited Company and two required digital cryptocurrency licenses ICO DEAL DECK will legally be allowed to conduct its own Token Generating Event as well as operate a Digital Asset Exchange and Crypto Currency Digital Wallet. ICO DEAL DECK Token Generating Event will commence after the ICO DEAL DECK Republic of Estonia company registration is completed.

You may read the ICO DEAL DECK Whitepaper “alpha version 2.2” here:

( https://medium.com/@icodealdeckcom/ico-deal-deck-white-paper-v-2-2-6e41f024a44b ) .

The ICO DEAL DECK Venture Capital Project uses the power of crowd sourcing to identify and support promising Tech and Blockchain Start up projects that it hopes will turn into future Unicorns, billion dollar businesses.

The ICO DEAL DECK Platform features can be defined as decentralized venture capitalism. The crowd is invited to acquire ICO DEAL DECK (XIDD) Tokens. Holders of XIDD Tokens with their expertise, experience and knowledge having voting rights to select winners in the ICO DEAL DECK Start Ups Pitch competition and accept them into the ICO DEAL DECK Accelerator. The voting facilitates the decentralized aspect of the ICO DEAL DECK venture capital project. It is the XIDD Token holders having a similar goal of acquiring appreciating asset value that will make the ICO DEAL DECK decentralized venture capital mission to find future Unicorns a success.


icoDealDeck.com is a Start Up Accelerator, Token Platform and Digital Asset Exchange. Thru a Start Up Pitch Competition XIDD Tokens holders have a vote to find, mentor and help with launching fund raising for promising Tech and Blockchain Start Up projects. XIDD Token holders also receive the right to acquire T.G.E. Start Up new tokens at a 75% discount.

The ICO DEAL DECK Project will soon do its own fund raising thru a Token Generating Event (T.G.E.) and issue ICO DEAL DECK (XIDD) Tokens. Funds raised thru the swap for XIDD Tokens will be used to develop the ICO DEAL DECK platform and in the support of Tech and Blockchain Start Ups.

ICO DEAL DECK plans to accomplish their decentralized venture capital mission thru a token generating event for the ICO DEAL DECK (XIDD) Token in the near future. The XIDD Token will be available during the upcoming private XIDD Token Generating Event (T.G.E.). Join the Private XIDD Token Swap Whitelist at: ( icoDealDeck.com/tokensale ) NOW to receive a 50% Bonus of more XIDD Tokens during the ICO DEAL DECK Token Generating Event. Participants that wait till the public ICO DEAL DECK T.G.E. will receive a smaller bonus or none at all.

The XIDD Token is a utility token used in operating the ICO DEAL DECK Platform. XIDD Token Holders have the right of voting to decide which projects are invited to join the Start Up Accelerator and fund raise using the ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform services.

The experience of the crowd of XIDD Token holders will vet Start Up projects by way of a PITCH COMPETITION. XIDD Token holders will decide by voting which start ups have the most potential to become a Unicorn. Winning pitch competition projects will then be invited to join the ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator and at the appropriating time in their development ICO DEAL DECK will assist the Start Up with their fund raising efforts.


There is an open call for Tech and Blockchain Start Ups to register for the “ICO DEAL DECK 2018 Start Up PITCH COMPETITION”. Winning Tech and Blockchain Pitch Competition projects receive cash prizes and an invitation to join the ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator.

Interested Start Up projects may visit icoDealDeck.com to register to participate in the PITCH COMPETITION. For winning Start Ups there is annually USD $ 1,000,000.00 in Pitch Competition cash prizes.

The winning Start Up Pitch Competition projects are selected by the XIDD Token holders and receive cash prizes and an invitation to join the ICO DEAL DECK Start Up Accelerator. Start Ups may also elect to use the ICO DEAL DECK Token Platform services including technical, marketing and legal guidance for Start Up fund raising thru a Token Generating Event (T.G.E.). In return ICO DEAL DECK Platform receives an allocation for Token Platform services equal to 25% of Start Up new tokens. Of the allocation of 25% of the Start Up new tokens, 5% is a commission for Token Platform services but up to 20% of the Start Up new tokens may or may not be acquired by XIDD Token holders by swapping XIDD Tokens for Start Up new Tokens.

Of the 25% allocation of the Start Ups tokens received by ICO DEAL DECK, 20% of the Start Up new tokens are available to be acquired by XIDD Token holders who may or may not trade 1 XIDD Token for 4 of equal value of the Start Ups new Token. The 5% commission of the T.G.E. tokens paid by the Start Up is used by ICO DEL DECK to support more Start Up Project Pitch Competitions. More Start Ups Pitch competitions thereby gives XIDD Token holder more opportunities to select promising start up projects for which they may wish to trade their XIDD Tokens. Decentralized venture capitalism is great for increasing asset value.

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