“Your Keys, Your Coins!” means your crypto wallet keys give you secure control over your cryptocurrency coins.

Nov 15, 2020

“Not your keys, not your coins” is a popular expression in the world of cryptocurrencies — and a very important one at that. Without owning your keys, you wouldn’t really be in control of your coins.

– The expression “not your keys, not your coins” refers to needing to own the private keys associated with your funds
– The person owning private keys is the one deciding how the crypto assets associated are spent — if you don’t own this, you’re entrusting your crypto to a third party
– If you do own your keys, you have complete control over how to use your funds
– Owning your keys also means being responsible for their security — and our devices are created to help facilitate this

On November 11, 2020 KoinAscent.com became a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It is no longer necessary to transfer fiat or crypto to KoinAscent to Buy or Sell Ethereum, Tether, ERC-20 Tokens and DeFi Products that earn passive income.

The KoinAscent motto is “Your Keys, Your Coins!” to Trade/Swap on KoinAscent you use your private cryptocurrency wallet, like MetaMask to make the Trade/Swap. Your cryptocurrency stay in your control.




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